It has been a while since I posted but RestoDude has lived through it's first year in the blogosphere! Now I know that the last few months have been pretty dead (RL is tense to say the least) but I have decided to keep the blog online even if I can only write ones every few days/weeks. RestoDude had a very rough start as I knew nothing about blogging or how to get a blog to be noticed but thanks to some help from "the big fish" out there it was only a matter or time before my blog meant something :).

RestoDude really exploded when 4.0 hit the servers and I had finished my guide (which still has to be updated on 4.1). Since that day I have had over 130.000 pageviews and they are still doing up pretty fast :). The guide alone was responsible for more than half the views! Aside from this I also scored a few blogposts that made it on wow.com and had several requests if my guide could be translated and posted on forums around the world.

Blogging has been and still is great to do (you just need to find the time for it :P) and I hope that I can continue to do so for a long time, even if it is at a slow pace!

Thank you all for reading and commenting!

Much love, Moonybaby!

(keep in mind that I am always up for questions or chats on Twitter! or e-mail.)


  1. A year old? You old bastard! Thanks for oodles of amusement. I'd say I'd devoured your theorycrafting know-how, but not raiding on a dr00d, that'd b a lie. But you're a delight to chat to on twitter and in-game whenever we're both on.

    To the next year! ~Rio

  2. Congrats - both on the blogiversary and on the way your guide took off! Translation requests are a thing to be proud of xD

    Hope real life becomes less tense and we see more of you - til then, good luck!