4.2 And WTF?! *Renewed*

Quick and small post on what I saw and witnessed on Mmo-champion today. I'll try not to spit my opinion about our Tier 12 "Druid" set as it is obviously a mistake from Blizzard and they forgot to mention that it is a late april the 1st joke... (I hate it) *renewed* (I still hate it, but less than before)

Symbiosis (Mastery) has been removed and replaced with Harmony. Harmony increases direct healing by an additional 10%, and casting direct healing spells grants an additional 10% bonus to periodic healing for 10 seconds. Each point of mastery increases each bonus by an additional 1.25%. Healing Touch, Nourish, Swiftmend, and the initial heal from Regrowth are considered direct healing spells for the purposes of this Mastery. All other healing from druid spells is considered periodic
I'm not sure what Blizzard is up to, they probably hired new folks and said "instead of taking the piss on Paladins, lets bully Druids!" If you're a Druid thats mainly healing tanks than be happy, because this will obviously boost your output by a lot! If you're a raid healing Druid (like me, myself and I) than I feel for you...

It's not that bad for raid healing Druids (although for 25 man this sucks) and it places Nourish in a very important spot (cheap heal that we can throw around to apply the HoT buff) but the fact that we need to CAST to have good HEALING OVER TIME spells sounds absurd to say the least.

The old tricks like using Wild Growth before you pop Tranquility or using Rejuvenation as a power-up for almost everything else that follows will be a thing of the past. In general this will nerf our output, because now we'll have to sacrifice a ~2 second cast to benefit from our Mastery one ONE person, instead of just using Wild Growth or a few Rejuv's to gain a boost on MULTIPLE people.

Gg Blizz...

So it seems that my quick reaction and probably also the fact that english isn't my first language got me on the wrong side of things. So instead of applying a buff on the target (which I thought it would do) Harmony give you a buff that increases both casts and HoT spells by X%. This ends up being a boring but decent buff to our mastery (that is changing for the second time now).

For 10 man raiding this could be a tiny nerf/buff depending on what you do. Tank healing wise this can be a buff, because the mastery gives you 10% extra on casts so you can drop Empowered Touch, and use Lifebloom's bloom more efficient. It also doesn't need you to reapply a HoT to get decent healing on casts if you would lose all your HoT on your tank for some reason, meaning that it is easier to pick up the healing again. If you intent to heal like you have been doing than this is a tiny nerf (cause the new harmony adds 1.25% per mastery, current one adds 1.45% if I'm not mistaken, so you'll get less power our of your mastery.) While raid healing this is a buff, because you don't really need one HoT to make another one more useful, because they all are as long as you cast or use Swiftmend ones every 10 seconds, which should be impossible to miss :).

In a 25 man setting this is probably works the same for tank healing as it does on 10's, for raid healing it's again easier because you don't need Wild Growth to buff Rejuv or Nourish or whatever spell you'd use after. I don't raid 25's so I can't really find anything else that could be different from 10's, besides the fact Harmony will have a lot more effect that Symbiosis would (cause Symbiosis is better for small groups).

I would also like to apologise for my quick (and faulty) post, I tend to make up my mind about stuff pretty quickly and scream blood and murder while there isn't really much to worry about. I'm still young, I'll learn... :)

On a side note I would like to thank all the people who commented showing that I was terribly wrong, however Blogger seems to had a very bugged few days and all recent comments have been deleted. Blogger promised to get all the lost comments back by the end of the weekend so fingers crossed.. I also removed the tags on this post as they were bugged as well.


  1. I actually read it to put a buff on the druid that casts - so that as long as you cast a direct healing spell once every 10 seconds, you will always have to benefit of Harmony regardless of who you are healing. In which case, I see it as a buff and a much better druid mastery.

    Until it's out on the PTR, though, we likely won't know for certain.

  2. The description makes no mention of healing specific people or the periodic healing bonus only effecting one person.

    This is a big buff for raid healing druids. I think most druids should casting direct spells every 10 seconds anyway between Swiftmends and free Regrowths. This is a fantastic change that will increase our healing output.

  3. The description makes no mention of the periodic healing boost only effecting one specific person who has received a direct heal. It sounds like you just need to cast 1 direct heal every 10 seconds in order to increase the effect of all your HoTs.

    This sounds like a major buff for raid healers.

  4. You are reading it wrong.

    Whenever you cast a cast-time heal YOU gain 10% increased HoT healing. That means after you cast say Regrowth all your HoTs on everyone in the next 10 seconds are increased by 10%.

  5. It's true that the new mastery will be a nerf if it's implemented as a buff on the target, as you've interpreted. However, much of the druid community is reading it as a self buff, which should make it a considerable buff to our mastery. Essentially all your healing spells are effected by your mastery, provided you cast a direct healing spell a minimum of once every 10 seconds; something you're probably already doing. Another thing to keep in mind is that because this is also paired with crits becoming +100% healing, as opposed to the current +50%, a NB RG is going to be quite a powerful flash heal.

  6. The point of our mastery was to encourage mixing direct heals & HOT spells, but it didn't really work, since you had to plan out having to cast 2 spells on the same person to be able to benefit from the mastery. Now, you just have to cast a direct heal on ONE person every 10 seconds to get a mastery proc. This includes casting SWIFTMEND, which is now one of my primary raid healing tools in 25-man.

    Swiftmend has a 15 sec cooldown and the mastery is active for 10 seconds, so you will have the mastery active for 10 out of every 15 seconds if swiftmend is the only thing you cast (and I would assume that the mastery would still effect tranquility & WG). I actually expect the mastery up-time on Harmony to actually be SIGNIFICANTLY higher in 25-man than Symbiosis actually was. In addition, you can cast regrowth to prime your swiftmend and then swiftmend the regrowth HOT 5 seconds later for basically 100% up-time without wasting much of anything (or ever having to cast nourish if you don't want to)

    This should be a totally neutral change for tank healers, since both versions of the mastery will have near 100% up-time for tank healing resto druids.

  7. "All healing critical strikes now heal for 2 times a normal heal (+100%), up from 1.5 times a normal heal (+50%)."

    If going to be nice with regrowth

  8. Or read it properly...Swiftmend counts as a casted spell and you should be using it every time it's off CD anyway. GG you.

  9. yeah, between this and the lifebloom proc set piece bonus is blizzard trying to make raid healing an exercise in differential equations? As a raid healer I don't remember a time I've ever used nourish when throughput mattered. I've used regrowth, but to save someone particularly in the hurt, not something I want to use to trigger a buff. Have we figured out of this buff is on the druid or the target? if its on the druid it might not be too hard to keep going with OOC procs.

    As always, its just got put on the PTR, things can change. I just wish some focus was put on raid healing for druids instead of tank healing, druids do tank healing quite well already. Want to buy a mana dump for group healing.

  10. "because now we'll have to sacrifice a ~2 second cast to benefit from our Mastery one ONE person, instead of just using Wild Growth or a few Rejuv's to gain a boost on MULTIPLE people."

    What on earth are you talking about?
    Cast a single cast-time heal on the tank, and you get the bonus to HoTs on *all* targets for 10 seconds.

    The WG you toss out gets the bonus.
    The rejuv you used to set up something else gets the bonus.
    The tranquility will have the bonus, without having to use a WG first (though it's yet to be seen if the bonus is static based on the start of the cast, or falls off during the ticks).

    Casting a single cast-time heal on ONE person will boost ALL of your HoTs.

  11. Uh, I can't tell but are you assuming that the buff actually is applied to the person you heal?

    Of course we won't know until testing but it's my assumption that the buff is applied to the casting druid.

    If so, it'd be a pretty nice BOOST!

    As for the 4P, yeah, doesn't look at all great.

  12. Pretty sure Harmony is a buff the caster gets, not the target. It affects all heals on everyone as long as you cast one direct heal every 10s.

  13. "to benefit from our Mastery one ONE person"

    I don't think it's meant like this. It will be a buff on the druid himself, so every target will benefit as long as we cast some direct heal (including swiftmend) every 10 seconds. It may sound boring but i find it better than the old mastery.

  14. Chasing Wild Growth targets for heals is a bit weird - they are already getting healed. Use Swiftmend, and be free to cast boosted hots for a long time. Or cast Regrowth on OoC as it use same global cooldown, and heal people which need heals.

  15. I think you're making the mastery out to be more painful than it really is. This change will, on the whole, provide more of a bonus to our healing than symbiosis provided that you keep it up. Swiftmend and Omen of Clarity direct heals will do much of that for you to be honest and a little additional upkeep on our part will take us the rest of the way there. This is a good thing for us honestly.

    That coupled with the slight increase of Living Seed's value and large increase in Nature's bounty value due to 200% heal crits makes for some welcome changes.

  16. I think you misunderstood the new mastery.

    As far as I can see, the 10% boost to our HoTs after we cast a direct heal is not to that person only but everyone we heal.
    We probably will get a buff or something similar that shows the "mastery HoT buff" that lasts 10 sec after each direct heal we cast.

  17. You don't even know how it works. You refresh your LB stack on the MT with NR/HT/RG as per normal and maintain your standard use of SM for Effloresence procs.

    This gives you a personal buff with essentially 100% uptime which increases all your periodic healing by 10%+, all the while your direct heals passively gained a +10%+ healing boost.

    So instead of casting WG -> RJ and gaining your mastery effect on RJ, you now get it on your RJ regardless as well as your WG - as long as you refresh your LB stack on the MT.. a very hard task I know.

  18. Hey -- long time reader, first time poster. Love your blog.

    I think you may be misreading the mastery. The mastery requires you to cast Nourish, Swiftmend, Healing Touch, or Regrowth (which are boosted 10% already) to trigger the mastery for your HoTs. If you are using Swiftmend on CD and using Nourish or a CC Regrowth to refresh LB on the tank, then you will have nearly 100% uptime on the mastery.

    For example, cast Swiftmend on raider 1.
    Gain mastery effect.
    Cast mastery boosted WG.
    Cast masterby boosted RJ raiders 2-7.
    Refresh LB with CC Regrowth to maintain mastery effect.
    Raid heal as usual, rinse, and repeat.

    As long as you are healing normally (SM on CD and LB refresh with a casted heal), you should have nearly 100% uptime on this mastery, which means all of your HoTs will heal for at least 10% more + whatever your mastery is. This will definitely increase druids' throughput since we don't need to worry about having a HoT on someone to boost our heals on them with mastery.

    I, for one, am excited about this change, and based on some other responses I've read, a lot of other druids are too.

  19. im not reading these changes the same as you are. if i cast a heal then i get a 10 second buff to all hots cast. with LB rolling on someone all i have to do is refresh it with RG or nourish and then get the next 9 seconds spreading hots around which all have the mastery buff.
    previously i had to chace only players that had a hot on them wasting several casts just to get a bonus. this led to poor heals or 2 casts per person just to get a bonus which i never seemed to do.

    this is a massive change for raid healers who should be able to keep a near 100% uptime on the buff.

  20. i agree that having a cast before a hot just to get the bonus is absurd but thats just what we have now but the other way round.

    i think it needs clarifying before making assumptions about this.

  21. I'm not sure it's all that bad... It's certainly a bit more boring than the old mastery. It also seems a bit odd to have the old mastery as essentially HoTs boosting direct heals and the new one as direct heals boosting HoTs. Not sure why there was a need to change things around...

    But having said that, for me as a 10 man raider I'm pretty certain I'm already casting at least 1 direct heal every 10s which would mean the periodic healing bonus should be up all the time. 1 direct heal to boost my HoTs on sounds good to me. I don't know for certain but it sounds from the description like the mastery boosts all HoTs cast rather than just the ones on the person who received the direct heal.

  22. Yes I could've misread the mastery but it does not say the buff is applied on the caster nor does it say on the target. Giving it would be on the caster than it would be a decent buff because, as Liss pointed out, you can keep it going forever (power aura's ftw ofc).

    I would love some PTR testing but it isn't on the PTR yet is it? to see how it actually works.

    btw thnkx everyone for the massive comments on this post, big relieve on my end that I misunderstood the whole thing :) was on the edge of going back Moonkin or rolling a Paladin

  23. This is a buff to raid healing. Massive for 25s, minor but still a buff for 10s, and a nurf for tank healing. You got it a little backwards :D

  24. for some reason, blogger deleted 21 comments without asking? :s