Restoration Review! How Does Druids Perform Compared To Other Healers

Cataclysm is going hard! And most people have mastered a (several) class(es). But how are Restoration Druids doing compared to other healing classes? Here's how I see "my class" and how it fits in the big picture.

Personally I think that Druid's have drastically changed compared to Wrath or even TBC, while raiding I noticed that I take the responsibility as a tank healer (while in Wrath I hated it). We don't have the tools Paladins have but with our HoT's I believe we still have an advantage in heavy movement fights. But then again Disc isn't so bad either with those "all absorbing bubbles of win!" I haven't played on my Shaman yet but they probably have something awesome as well that Druid's could use... Let's compare, let the battle begin!


Raid healing: Priest 1, Druid 0
Tank healing: draw

If you ask me Priests are godly for raid healing (yes Potz!). If you're looking for an alt to level and to heal raids in the (near) future go level a Noam Priest! The nice change to Efflorescence in 4.1 and Tranquility will even the battle between Priests/Druid but as long as Druids don't have a short cooldown burst heal, we're not going to win this one. However there is one part where we might own Priests and that would be mana. Moonglow, Furor, Revitalize, Innervate and OoC (LB in ToL) are giving me so much return that I am already considering to just drop +Spirit gear and just get more regen as I get more +Int. Priests have a decent set of tools to preserve/regain mana however they spend it like it's HoT.


Raid healing: Paladin 0, Druid 1
Tank healing: Paladin 1, Druid 0

Paladins are still king of the hill when it comes to tank healing, not only because of their healing output but also because they have nice cooldowns they can use to save people. When it comes to raidhealing they lack the constant ability to heal several people. Paladins have nice AE heals, but they're all on cd.. Plus you can say what you want, but that odd winged knight does not own my Tranquility... While Tree of Life is just a Druid version of their wings, it also alters our Lifebloom (which is again beneficial to raid healing). Sorry Thor, you lose!


No. Idea. As I've said I haven't played on my Shaman yet and our guild doesn't really have a Restoration one present. From what I know about Shamans I would say this:

Raid healing: draw
Tank healing: Shaman 1, Druid 0

Earth Shield and Riptide's haste buff make Shamans heal hard and fast on one focussed target but raid healing wise I would take the bet and roll Druid!


As you can see, we're not the best around. But I still heal like a nutter! If you want to be the best of the best in a roll then you might want to skip Druid but if you want to have an awesome class, don't look any further!


  1. New guild I am in I am on raid healing 95% of the time with 2 priests. Healing Chimaeron made me cry when I was told just raid heal.

  2. I couldnt had said it better myself :)
    I heal together with pala and disc priest. I win some healing meters, i loose some. On Nefarian we are badasses :) Good post. Keep it up =)


  3. If your guild has you raid healing on Chimaeron with 2 priests in the party, then the RL really doesn't understand the encounter.

  4. I've raid healed heroic Chimaeron lots of times, Druid's can do it as well as any other class al though you need to be very focussed

  5. I think we're the best around, but I might be slightly biased.

    I've yet to find a healing role I can't fill as a druid (though I'd very much like something for damage mitigation).

  6. I think Druids are just as strong tank healers as Paladins. No, we don't have a survival cooldown to give them, but output wise, its right up there, if not better. A fully HoT-ed tank (including Regrowth) is significant healing and a rolling Nourish spam interspersed with Healing Touch is more than enough. Factor in casting Wild Growth on the tank and you've got even more benefit. To use a raiding example, I've always solo-healed the tank on the frost platform of Conclave of Wind fight, even up to 12 stacks. I did this from the beginning when I was in just 5-man heroic gear. With full T11 epic, it is quite easy. I can't say whether a Paladin would have an easier or better time in this exact situation, but all I know is that when doing 100% tank healing, I never had an issue.

  7. Druids are amazing tank healers. Shamans are nowhere near as good as druids at tank healing. And I'd say druids are even or just barely behind paladins at tank healing. Have you even raided hard mode content like Cho'gall and Sinestra? Priests are AWFUL tank healers. They have next to 0 tank saving cooldowns that aren't usually already accounted for (GS / PS are assigned pre-fight). Swiftmend, 4 hots, ~1.6s Nourish spam, instant HT, regrowth, ToL instant heals ... how are druids not as good at tank healing? Please don't spread mis-information when you don't have the experience or know-how to be saying things.

  8. Druids are not almost as good as Paladins on tankhealing, all the things you brought forward are indeed great for tankhealing but.. Paladins do better.

    on a side note: instant HT -> 3mins cd, great but lacking
    ToL instant heals: unless you are raidspamming LB you won't get near enough OoC proc's to not run OOM while using regrowth

    I'm not making stuff up out of thin air :) we're a very capable class no doubt, but we lack on many area's

  9. I agree with you on priests, hell I often hear our disc priest cussing me out for ending fights or starting the last phase with alot more mana then he usually ends with.

    I believe shaman are currently doing whatever role isn't already covered fully. But they often get stuck healing melee/tank with chain heal and the occasional healing rain whenever they can. Shaman tank healing is very lacking, they cannot sustain our output simply because of mana.

    As for Pallys... they are king overall for tank healing, but we draw even at least on a few fights. Any time a tank is kiting around the room or there is just alot of movement we're gonna give the pally a run for their money.

  10. Pallys are still the best tank healers.

    For druids to be effective tank healers, ur telling a druid to stack mastery and not haste. which imo, on paper sounds great cuz mastery means bigger heals, but the lost in haste means less hot ticks and longer casting times. We do not have any cds to save tanks. and as moonra said, we don't have big bursty heals either. we can't spam regrowth, we'll go oom in secs. having a regrowth hot on tank is no longer viable. spending 35% base mana cost for one regrowth that yields like 3-4 ticks of 1k each is not worth it. casting WG on tank can sometimes be good, but not always as WG is not going to save tank from dying by ticking 1.4k per tick. not to mention palys single target base healing spells are on average 1.5 times more than a druid's comparable spells.

    all in all, druids are good stabalisers with their hots, but they do not have the bursty utility that palys have. with holy shock, WoG, and not to mention multiple talents that reduce casting time of divine light/holy light and increase haste from judgment, druids just don't have that edge over palys.