Welcome To 4.1! The Build V2!

Everyday more and more information gets revealed about the next big patch 4.1. When the patch hits I'm going to change my spec quite dramatically! A while back I wrote about what I saw as the best build to get when raid/tankhealing in raids, but that's all going to change now :)!

A few crucial changes are Efflorescence that will become a smart heal, and instead of healing everyone it will then heal up to three people (who need the most healing) for an amount far more desirable that a mere 500 heal a second. Another change to Efflorescence is that it will no longer require Living Seed (yes! fuck yes!) so that's going to be dropped in 4.1! One final change is that Nature's Swiftness, aside the fact that it makes your next spell instant, will increase the "healing" by 50%. The spell that you use with Nature's Swiftness must be a healing spell to gain this benefit!

Besides the obvious Restoration change I am also going to drop Furor, I'm getting a lot of feedback about my mana regen being to overpowered (I never run out of mana these days) so it is time to cut back on the regen talents and to start investing into brute force! I'll be doing this with Blessing of the Grove (yes it isn't that good but still, it's worth it) and Genesis. I might switch the two points in Moonglow over to Furor but I believe that Moonglow is better in therms of mana. There's also a part of me that is considering to drop Tree of Life, but then where would I spend that one point :).

Small blog post I know, I'll try to do my very best to get RestoDude back on track but real life is very busy so again, I apologise!


  1. If you drop ToL you wont be able to access the other trees :/

  2. you can access other trees as soon as you have 31 points in one bit, you don't need the last talent :)

  3. I've also considered dropping my TOL for the simple fact that in the heat of battle I tend to forget the darn thing. Shameful, I know but then, I'm not really missing it or getting to the end going 'oh if only I'd turned into a tree'. When I do remember it is more a case of 'oh look what I can do!' and go and hide in the nearest forest of odd looking trees. I've got two druids one bear/tree specs and the other solo speced as resto, I'm tempted to gear them the same dropping ToL off one and then run them a few times to see the difference. Hmm ... now where to put that one point so I'll actually notice the difference?

  4. well ToL is still worth a point but it's like you say you have to remember when to use it.

    ToL atm is good for A) extra healing done or B) Lifebloom spam/Regrowth spam

    Currently I use ToL on fights like Halfus heroic where the first few seconds are very dodgy (most of the times this is where hero/bloodlust goes off so LB ticks at an insane rate) or Nef when i'm healing on a platform and the electric thing is about to go off. Mainly when you have constant AE dmg for a short periode and you have time to prep LB stacks it's worth taking.

    fights above are the ones where I really "need" ToL, but that's it in this tier.

    ToL is also nice for "dps", like Chimmy last phase where I usually wrathspam like a nutter

    Magic dispel is probably the way to go if you leave out ToL in this build