Throne Of The Four Winds, Restoration Loot!

As I summed up all the loot in Bastion of Twilight (and thanks to the many comments I noticed how much loot I left out...) it is now time for the most confusing loot providing place in whole of Uldum.. You know, the windy place! These items are very very rare because you have so many version of each armor type that the chance of you getting one of these is very slim. Good luck though!

(screenshot from Wowhead!)


Gale Rouser Belt (of the Undertow): +380 Stam, +232 Int, +160 Haste and +160 Spirit. Sounds like a dream! OR..
(of the Wavecrest): +380 Stam, +232 Int, +160 Mastery and +160 Spirit. Not as good as the haste one but still...

Planetary Band (of the Feverflare): +285 Stam, + 190 Int, + 126 Haste and +126 Mastery. OR..
(of the Fireflash): +285 Stam, + 190 Int, + 126 Haste and +126 Crit. OR..
(of the Undertow): +285 Stam, + 190 Int, + 126 Haste and +126 Spirit. OR..
(of the Wavecrest): +285 Stam, + 190 Int, + 126 Mastery and +126 Spirit.


Sadly and to my surprise Wowhead does not have any loot on this boss while I know he drops a lot of crap that is never really useful for me... When I looked up the chest that contains the loot on this fight I only found four bits (mail, plate and a ring) which don't fit my handsome elf thing. I am truly sad...


  1. Al'Akir's loot table isn't attached to him on Wowhead for some reason. Instead you have to look at the object Heart of Wind. Loot table here: http://www.wowhead.com/object=207891

    The Gale Rouser Leggings of the Undertow are tasty for us trees, as all those of the Undertow epic items are.

  2. I was lucky enough to get the Undertow belt on a recent raid, but I have Belt of the Untamed (http://www.wowhead.com/item=62431), the Wildhammer rep belt, gemmed out to two +40 int gems. Wouldn't I be better off to keep the Wildhammer belt?

  3. both belts are more or less equal, I'd stick with the Wildhammer one unless you want to match the socket colours, then the random one might be better as you get int as socket bonus

  4. Al'Akir also drops weapon, if you're lucky. Just as with all drops in the instance there is a slim chance of getting something BiS: "the Undertow" version gives haste and spirit, which for some will be better than the maces from Nef and Cho.
    It is a sword, by the way.
    The only difference between the weapon and the rings/belts/legs that this weapon can be anything that is one-hander, from agility through strength to intellect - while the other loots have different versions for healing, agi-melee, str-melee, caster-dps....