Blackwing Descent, Restoration Loot!

Last one (for now!) :), here's a list of all the potential good/great loot for Restoration Druids!


Incineratus: Very nice main hand weapon! And easier to get than the mace from Cho'gall!
Scorched Wormling Vest: Very nice chest piece although the Tier 11 chest is better if you're aiming for the 4T11 set bonus.


Security Measure Alpha: Very nice ring and it drops often! :)
Passive Resistor Spaulders: Best in slot shoulder piece, yet I have never seen it drop *cry*


Jar of Ancient Remedies: Personally I believe that Restoration Druids should only loot at +Intellect trinkets but this might be worth a try.
Leggings of Consuming Flames: Probably the best pants besides the Tier 11 Moonkin pants or Tier 11 Restoration pants if you're aiming for the 4T11 set bonus.


Helm of the Blind Seer: The Tier 11 one is better but this works if you're not farming Nefarian yet!


Manacles of the Sleeping Beast: Best bracers around! If these drop you should be all over them :)


Tier 10 Helm Token: Best helm piece in the game! go go go! :)
Andoros, Fist of the Dragon King: Although it has an awesome name, I would advice to got for the dagger from Magmaw or the mace from Cho'gall (if you prefer an main hand/offhand setup)
Belt of the Nightmare: Wildhammer reputation belt is better.

Good luck with the drops!

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  1. Worth mentioning Hide of Chromaggus shoulders? They are a random BoE drop from trash but do so quite often and are a nice step up from the JP ones.