Bastion Of Twilight, Restoration Loot!

Loot is everything (joke....) and I thought it would've been a good thing to quickly sum up all the good bits you can (hope) to find in Bastion of Twilight! I will also try to make a post like this on Blackwing and Throne of the Four Winds!


Wyrmbreaker's Amulet: Best in slot necklace with +Spirit on it!


Drape of the Twins: Best cloak in the game for us so far!
Valiona's Medalion: Nice necklace but without +Spirit, beware of the mages burning your twigs after you win this one.


Scepter of Ice: Good offhand but might not be "the best", because the off-hand you can get from Justice Points ain't bad either! *beware: cold!*
Hydrolance Gloves: Very nice gloves! T11 ones are better though.


T11 Shoulder Token: Pretty obvious :)
Signet of the Fifth Circle: Haste and Mastery but no Spirit! This ring fits 10man content raiding more than it does for 25man because of the mastery.
Twilight's Hammer: Very nice main hand to have!
Fall of Mortality: I think this trinket has the same average spirit as the Valor Point one BUT it does not require you to "click" it = win!
Treads of Hideous Transformation: Good slippers but the Valor Point ones are better!


  1. You keep saying the Justice Points ones are better. Do you mean VALOR points ones?

  2. Just a note, Theralion's Mirror procs on harmful spells, not healing spells, so you'd really have to be throwing in some dps to make use of the proc.
    Valiona's Medallion is a pretty nice neck off of Twins, Int/Haste/Mastery, real easy to just reforge some Spirit onto it. I'm hoping for a heroic one sometime, but DPS will probably get first dibs :P

    Sinestra also drops the Shard of Woe trinket which will be fantastic for healers :D

  3. hmm must've been half asleep when making this post... corrected *again*

  4. Don't forget Chelley's Staff of Dark Mending:


    Drops off the trash in there, very nice also :)